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Ιστότοποι που προσφέρουν δωρεάν γραμματοσειρές καθώς και εργαλεία που βασίζονται σε γραμματοσειρές


Website                           Description
Google FontsLibrary of around 1000 free licensed font families
DaFontArchive of freely downloadable fonts
Use & ModifyPersonal selection of beautiful, classy, punk, professional, incomplete, weird typefaces
1001 Free FontsI think the name speaks for itself :smirk:
Font SquirrelFont Squirrel scours the internet for high quality, legitimately free fonts
Font FabricA digital type foundry crafting retail fonts and custom typography for various brands
TiffA type diff tool that visually contrasts the differences between two fonts
TypeKit PracticeLearn about typography practices
FontjoyGenerate font pairing in one click
Golden RatioGolden Ratio Typography Calculator
FontSparkDiscover Better Fonts
FontGetHas a variety of fonts available to download and sorted neatly with tags
FontPairHelps you pair Google Fonts together
Font SpaceA designer-centered free font website that has quick customizable previews
Abstract FontsFonts free for personal and commercial use
Free TypographyA list of high quality fonts
Leon SansA geometric sans-serif typeface made with code
LexendA variable font empirically shown to significantly improve reading-proficiency
Fonts for Apple PlatformsGet the details, frameworks, and tools you need to use system fonts for Apple platforms in your apps
SFWinSan Francisco Fonts for Windows 10 and non-Apple Platform
Font FlipperPreview 800+ Google Fonts on top of your own designs, without having to download the fonts
Fonts ArenaFree curated fonts
BefontsHigh quality fonts for free
Arabic fontsArabic fonts for free


Χρήσιμα εργαλεία online για web developers & more.

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    Ιστότοποι και πόροι με πολύ χρήσιμα δωρεάν online εργαλεία για web developers και web designers

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    Η φιλοσοφία πίσω από Arch είναι η απλότητα, ελαφριά λιτή και ευέλικτη διανομή χωρίς άσκοπες προσθήκες

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